• Transformations

  • “Before working with Alina, I had a blunt way of saying things that did not necessarily help people feel safe just from reading something I had written. I wanted to find the words deep inside of me that my fellow nurses in pain would resonate with. This is Alina's forte. Her getting to know you process gives her lots of information, and words that she uses in the copy she writes. What she has written gives me credibility to the nurses I want to support that I know what they are feeling, and how they want to practice their beloved profession."

    Dottie Shields

  • "I was amazed at the consistency of Alina’s presence throughout our four hours together. She showed up with her bright mind, her intuitive powers, her wisdom, and a heart-centered focus on me which never wavered. I’d struggled for quite some time to launch a coaching practice, yet I couldn't seem to get going. Alina’s distinctive approach to branding was the missing piece I’ve been searching for. I now see myself stepping into my work and my place in the world with ease and confidence. This is a tremendous gift to me. I thank my lucky stars that I found Alina, and that she found me!"

    Stephanie Frykholm

  • "Before working with Alina, I was too stiff and too canned. I had a feeling that I needed to work on my personal brand, but I had no idea that it would be so in-depth, and that it would change my outlook on my whole life! I thought I had to hide my doubts, insecurities, and failures and act like an infallible wonder woman to get clients. Was I wrong! I learned that I needed to lean in to my emotions and vulnerabilities to truly connect with potential clients because we're all imperfect human beings! And now I can not only show that side of me, but take pride in that side of me, to genuinely inspire trust and confidence in my audience."

    Claire Jones