• About Alina

  • Alina is a thought leader on the topics of Confidence, Leadership, Communication and Conscious Relationships in modern society.

    Alina loves helping strong, confident women break the cycle of burn-out, becoming more influential leaders in their business, build a supportive network and make time for themselves and their love lives. 

    An energetic and strong presenter with a warm personality, Alina's teachings inspires strong women across the world to embrace their feminine intuition and grace and become a magnet for love and abundance.

    Known for her passion and expertise, bottom line approach, and direct communication style, Alina is effective at using spirituality in a grounded way to inspire personal and professional growth in her clients. Women have incredible, often undiscovered magnetism, and Alina is here to help them find it!

  • What many of Alina's clients don't know....


    Alina is a semi-professional dancer. She dances Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, and West Coast Swing. When on the dance floor, she often gets asked if she is a dance instructor because of her uncanny ability to read people's energy, and offer them constructive feedback that changes the way they dance in seconds. 

    Alina was born in Romania, under communism, and had to wake up in the middle of the night to stay in line in order to buy milk. Salami was a commodity, and bread was rationed. 

    Alina's dad was her teacher in elementary school, from 1st to 4th grade, and this relationship strongly influenced Alina's coaching approach, and her unique approach to working with male clients. 

    Alina suffered from severe depression growing up, which lead to a suicide attempt in her 20's. 

    Alina has an MA in Speech and Language Therapy/ Communication Disorders, and more than eight years of experience working with children with Autism and their families to give these children a voice. 

    Alina is a licensed Zen Bodytherapist, a type of painful bodywork which releases mental, emotional and spiritual blocks from the body.

    Alina has practiced internal martial arts, and often uses this training in her coaching to teach her clients how using the body can help them achieve their goals.

    Alina graduated from Psychic Horizons in San Francisco with a minister's certificate after two and a half years doing energy readings and healings. She can read your energy at a distance, without ever talking to you. 

    She loves dark chocolate!