• About Alina

  • I am so happy to see you here!


     If you’ve been attracted to read my “About Me” blurb you are like me - smart, focused, goal-oriented, grown-ass, mature, self-responsible, yet feminine and intuitive at the same time. 


    It’s not easy to be all of that at once, but oh, man, is that the complete package!



  • Do you get the “badass” comment all the time?

    I DO.


    Do you also feel an intuitive, sensitive YOU deep down inside which is keeping you human and spit you out of the corporate world?


  • I now have a business and a life I love,

    I get to work with amazing clients like you who kick ass, and I am supported by an amazing partner and amazing community. I have time for my body and my hobbies.


     But it hasn’t always been like this.



  • 19 years ago I left home in Romania on my own

    I had no idea who I was and what worth I could possibly have in the world since I had not felt any for a very long time, if ever. Depression and anxiety dominated every cell of my body. The abuse of a communist system and the struggle of a modest family who could barely make ends meet had not been particularly suited for a sensitive empath like me. But deep down inside there was a nagging feeling and knowingness that I was not my depression. I was not the resistant, angry teenager who my parents saw. I was not the mediocre grades I got in school. I was not the anxiety that locked my jaw every time I wanted to speak to someone I looked up to.

    So I moved across the ocean to find myself.

  • If you've ever decided to step into your power, you know the trials and tribulations

    Mine was brutal and lasted non-stop for 15 years. At one time I tried to end my life.

    And if you are on a hero’s journey - which I know you are - you also know that Angels that come long the way.

    I am particularly grateful for the work and mentorship of Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, David Deida, Deepak Chopra, Marshall Rosenberg, John Welwood, the community of amazing people at Psychic Horizons in San Francisco and the Circling community under the leadership of Jon Cotton and Guy Sengstock in the Bay Area, who helped me put all the pieces of myself together.

  • Fast forward 15 years

    I had shed too many skins to count, and after trying out many professions I finally found one that made me feel liberated. I was a strategic intervention coach, energy healer, bodyworker and communication specialist (to keep the list short), all under the business name "The Art of Ordinary Magic" - aka no idea how to put it all together into a profitable business! What I did have was a strong will and unimaginable passion that kept me going in spite of everything.

    I took all the business and marketing courses I could find, footed a $150,000 credit card and student loan debt, and turned a blind eye to nay-sayers and to my bank account that went under at least three times a month. I lost my fancy car, my rent-controlled apartment and many friendships. But I kept on going, because that’s how I knew to make life work for me. Until I hit a wall and crashed and burned big time.

  • It’s interesting how love is what opens us up the most, and it’s also what sheds light into forgotten corners where we have not dared look in a long time

    In my delusion of grandeur pursuing the career of my dreams I stumbled upon my soulmate.

    I had no idea he was going to show me the extent of my imbalance and reveal all the pain and disappointment I had neatly packed away in order to be able to be there for others.

    I had made money unimportant, I had made community trivial, I had made my independence a way of life and vulnerability a quality I had "OBVIOUSLY" mastered.

  • My bubble quickly shattered...

    When I realized I was more imperfect than I had thought, more vulnerable than I had pretended to be, all after 15 years of working on myself and facilitating transformations for others, the shame of my childhood quickly crept in and settled comfortably in an all too familiar place. I had secured no provisions for such dark nights of the soul - financial, social or body reserves, because I had seen myself as invincible up to that time. A lone wolf who could stray into the forest and bear the wilderness without dying - what could be more honorable than that?

    I don’t think there has been a harder thing to stomach in my life than the realization of the lack of my invincibility at that time. My body quickly collapsed and my mental faculties fizzled. All I could do for work was water a neighbor’s flowers and sweep their driveway for $15 an hour, and that was not nearly enough to pay my bills. I reached the limit on my credit cards and the limit of the support from the few friends I still had left. It was a very dark time.

  • Little by little I started picking myself up

    I reached out for support like I never had before. With vulnerability, with humility and with a new found grace. I received the love and the judgment of those around me equally. I cried. I cried a lot. I started working full time on my body and honoring it like a temple of my wisdom. I NEVER made it wrong again. I knew better. I honored my relationships and asked for what I needed. Now that I knew what that was. I embraced the fragile, new born me that had emerged from the darkness and the fire with love and compassion I never had before.

    And that is when I finally received the truth of who I truly am and what I am here to do. I needed the download, the direction, and the strategy to come from someone outside myself, whom I could trust, who got me and respected me, and that person finally came. I was in tears of joy to see my life’s unfolding come full circle and show me how all the pain and “failures” I had ever had were there to build me into this new version of myself so Brand New that it didn’t even know how to walk in the world. That is when I found my new, true Brand.

  • When the student is ready, the teacher shows up

    My new mentor helped me realize that I had always used my gifts to identify my client's true essence, help them be bold and fully self expressed and empower them to communicate themselves to the world. I was discovering their new BRAND and guiding them to their new, higher SELF!

    However, at times I was accelerating people faster than they wanted to go, assuming they wanted the evolution that I held out for them. I did not know how to talk about what I did, and therefore I worked with clients who were not a match for me. I was told my approach was too drastic, too direct, too fast, too intimidating.

    I now know that I do my best work naturally and effortlessly with people who want to leapfrog forward 5 years into their New Self, because that is how I live my life. Going slow seems like such a waste of time - if I know where I’m going, I want to GET there. So as a coach I am strategic, goal-oriented, and a fun yet serious ally along the path. I bring the magic of energy work in a very practical way so that my clients feel confident that the future we design for them is grounded on this Planet Earth.

  • My life is now fulfilled and amplified by the work that I do

    In supporting the re-birth of strong, badass clients like me, with all its magical twists and turns.

    I see you. 

    And I get you!

    You are strong, but you are also human, and I want to help you trust that all those parts together is what makes you beautiful. If you feel inspired, allow me to work with you so you don’t have to be the lone wolf I once was, going at it alone.

    It would be my honor to support you.