• Alina‚Äôs approach is very solution and goal oriented, which is what I appreciated about the program so much. She is great at analyzing a situation, truly understanding the why, and coming up with actionable steps. I feel empowered, and ready for the next step in my life!


    • Since working with Alina, I have more clarity and confidence. Through validating my own vision for my life, I am able to commit to things with my heart, and truly manifest courage into the world. Alina has been invaluable in helping me get to the heart of what I want and in carving a path towards it.


    • Alina went above and beyond to make sure I met my goals. She kept in touch during the sessions, and didn't let me slack and fall back on my patterns. I felt fully supported and challenged at the same time. Alina's style is direct, to the point, fun and interesting. She has an energy and voice that uplifts and inspires, and can combine goal setting with energy healing in a way I've never experienced before. Powerful!