• I've always felt like an alien, misunderstood by everyone around me. As a boy I cried easily, and I was often belittled for it, so I learned to hide my emotions. I was also always super sensitive to bright lights, strong smells and noise. When I was around negative energies I quickly got drained, and in intimate relationships I would over-give and try too hard to please, becoming a doormat, which ended up pushing women away.

      Sam, Highly Sensitive Man

    • I have been battling depression and anxiety for many years, and I just recently found out how these issues are related to me being a highly sensitive man. I generally felt smothered and suffocated in intimate relationships, like my space was invaded and I couldn't breathe... It was always very confusing, and it plagued me with tons of guilt. I decided that I was a traumatized person condemned to ending up exhausted and lonely for the rest of my life.

      Darren, Highly Sensitive Man

    • I lived the life of a hermit for over 20 years. Emotions - my own and those of others - were always too much for me to handle. Relationships always felt like burdens. I live in the UK, which has a hyper masculine culture. British men would rather die than be seen as sensitive. When I finally found out that my life's pain was due to being a Highly Sensitive man, I felt released from a living hell.

      Harvey, Highly Sensitive Man