• Since working with Alina, I have more clarity and confidence. Through validating my own vision for my life, I am able to commit to things with my heart, and truly manifest courage into the world. Alina has been invaluable in helping me get to the heart of what I want and in carving a path towards it. I believe that, at the heart of it, every person wants to feel deeply heard, deeply understood, and deeply appreciated. I feel that way working with Alina.


    • I had a great experience working with Alina. I was working through a lot of important and powerful transitions in my career and love life, and I needed some guidance and a insight into how to manage the new stage of growth. Alina helped me look deep into myself, identifying areas of existing strength to leverage and areas of new potential growth in which to invest. I am extremely happy with the experience.


    • Passionate and powerful. Insightful and Intuitive, Alina is an absolutely incredible soul with a talent of seeing through to the true you underneath your story. She has opened me up to a new world of possibility, breaking through fears that were holding me back from being myself. I now trust myself more and own my life story. I quit my 9-5 job, and take greater risks in building my own business!