Rekindle Love and Passion in Your Relationship

  • If you are feeling defeated, disatisfied and unfulfilled in your intimate relationship, this program is for you

    Would you like to find out what your partner truly needs, and how you can become a source of ultimate pleasure?
    Do you want to know how to deal with inevitable challenges that come up, quickly and effortlessly?
    How would your life be different if your relationship gave you energy, instead of taking it away? 

    Extraordinary relationships are not the result of good luck, great chemistry or convenience. Rather, they are the result of practicing and applying the laws of love, certain skills that determine the level of fulfillment you will experience in your relationship. 

    IMAGINE being able to find joy and happiness in your relationship daily! 
    IMAGINE feeling in alignment with your partner, without power struggles or misunderstandings!
    IMAGINE the effect this will have on your career, your creativity, your ability to create abundance and be successful!



  • STEP 1: Get Clear - discover your partner's needs and know how to give to them

    STEP 2: Connect Deeply - learn to build trust, respect and presence

    STEP 3: Rekindle Passion - discover your partner's love languages, communication style, and pleasure points

    STEP 4: Find Alignment - align your priorities, values and needs with your relationship, so that both you and your partner can be happy

    STEP 5: Redefine Love - forgive, let go of pain and resentment, find love and compassion 

  • What you'll learn

    Amazing Things You’ll Discover in This Program 

    In this program, I will guide you through a series of powerful tools and techniques that will powerfully transform your relationship

    Here are some of the things you will learn in this course: 


    * The #1 block that stands between you and your partner
    * The main archetype that is governing your Inner Lover, and how to capitalize on your intuition to bring it in balance
    * The primary question that has been guiding your thinking and influencing your relationship so far
    * How your subconscious Rulebook affects your relationship
    * How to master yourself so you are in a state of peace, joy and gratitude in the midst of any emotional storm
    * How to communicate effectively, and get your partner to respond positively
    * How to discover the real message communicated by your partner in moments of distress, anger and upset
    * Powerful tools to put your partner at ease in less than 5 minutes
    * Strategies to identify and eliminate limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your attraction factor
    * The three spheres of your life, and how to balance them for fulfillment
    * How to turn fear of failure and fear of rejection into deep bonding and unshakable trust
    * The #1 key to successful relationships
    * The 10 fundamental practices of extraordinary Lovers
    * The 7 keys for unlimited passion


    Many clients are surprised to find out that a relationship can easily change when only one person changes. If you partner/ spouse is resistant to joining us into coaching, rest assured that you have the power to create changes without your partner's active participation in the program. 


    This program is for monogamous couples, either straight or gay. This program is not for individuals who want to form multiple concomitant intimate relationships. 

    This program is also useful for singles, as it helps them develop the skills and qualities they need in order to make a successful selection, avoid typical pitfalls and develop the love of their life. 

  • What Makes This Program Unique

    The Ultimate Relationship Program is a unique program because of the following:


    We meet twice a week for an hour. The other two weeks you complete written, audio and video assignments. This allows flexibility in your schedule, and gives you a multitude of ways to assimilate information, reflect and take targeted action in between sessions. 


    The work we do is customized to your unique situation. Following my successful, proven 5-step system, you will receive a workbook chapter every week with updated information, assignments and additional resources. You will know exactly where you're at, and what the next step is to improve your relationship. 


    I bring to the table over 10 years of study of mind-body techniques and energy work. You will learn some of the most advanced visualization, somatic and mind-reprograming techniques known to date.  


    The people in your life are amazing sources of information and support. We will explore ways to maximize these resources to help you along the way. 

  • How others have used the Ultimate Relationship Program

  • Before working with Alina, I was struggling with anxiety, overthinking, addiction to other people's problems, and lack of energy. This was reflected in my relationship, and I was afraid my partner was going to leave me. I could not experience pleasure during intimacy, and I feared I had lost attraction for to my partner. Through this program, I learned to see myself in a good light, and to remain in a grateful state of mind. I connected with my partner in a meaningful and empowering way. I became much more compassionate towards him, and I learned to see the real issue in our arguments. After three months of working with Alina, I feel lighter, happier, and in control of my own emotions and reality. I feel like I am falling in love with my partner for the first time, and I am experiencing sensuality and sexuality on a new level. I am able to be the wife and mother I’ve always known I could be!


  • When I started this program, I was completely disappointed with my life. I was seeking refuge in cooking and cleaning the house, since that was the only way I knew to make myself feel good. I made no time for myself. I was trying to spend time with my kids, but because I was so tired, I was always irritable and in a bad mood. I spent almost no time with my husband. We only talked about the home and the children. I wanted a divorce, and I often threatened with leaving my husband, since I didn't know what else to do. After three months of working with Alina, I feel I have the world at my feet, and I can just step into it. My husband tells me I look beautiful and sexy without making any change in my appearance. My relationship with my husband and my children changed dramatically. We now have passion for each other, and also spend a lot of time together as a family. I could not express in words how much my life and my relationship has changes as a result of this program.


  • When I started working with Alina I was depressed, and feeling like a failure in all areas of my life. I did not see a way to make my partner happy, and we constantly got into fights and disagreements. During this program, I suddenly felt something shifting inside of me, which completely revolutionized the way I was looking at relationships. I started seeing how relationships are a place to give, not to take, and I felt I had the tools I needed to understand what is needed. It felt so good to be clear, and so empowering to be able to light up my partner like never before! We now have a beautiful relationship with both love and passion, and we owe this entirely to Alina. This program changed my life!


  • I was very resistant when I started working on my relationship. I pretty much did it at the pressure of my best friend, who had gotten tired of listening to my daily complaints and seeing me miserable. I had no idea that love was something that I needed to create daily, and therefore had no tools to do so. My parents divorced when I was 8 years old, and all I remembered was fights and slammed doors. I was dreaming of a perfect partner who would "accept me for who I was, not realizing that I was in fact not accepting my partner for who she was. Through working with Alina I realized what I need to do to be the loving partner I want to have myself, and everything changed when I started approaching my relationship that way. I now enjoy a peaceful and joyful relationship with my girlfriend, and I feel prepared to deal with any challenges that may come up.


  • One-Time Investment For A Lifetime Of Transformation

    The beauty of Alina’s program is that it is a tool for life. You can use it to transform your relationship through many many years to come. But you only have to invest in it once.

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  • The information provided through the Ultimate Relationship System is not offered as medical or psychotherapeutic advice, and should not be considered as such. Nothing contained on this page or in the program/system is intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment, and is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional. Always seek the advice of a psychotherapist or other qualified professional regarding any mental or physical health condition or treatment.