• Our consciousness needs an upgrade. Would you agree?

    We need more clarity, more self-responsibility, more authentic communication, more embodied souls, so we can heal our hearts and the separation we’ve created.

    Your service supports your clients with that… through transformational work, through lifestyle, health & wellness coaching, through energy work. You help them stand in their power with confidence. But you can’t do that for yourself right now. You don’t enjoy talking about what you do, and you’re embarrassed with your lack of clarity and confidence.

  • I can help!

    I’ve got a systematic approach to zero in on your essence, dial in your message and bring consistency and cohesion to your brand. This will help you increase your credibility, confidently raise your rates, be proud of your brand and excited to serve your clients.


    Your aligned personal brand will give you the ability to attract fun and exciting clients who understand and get you. Your brand needs to look like you, think like you, sound and feel like you, and be instantly recognizable. It needs to be:



  • Curious how we can work together?

    Explore the following options. These programs are for you if know you're talented, you've been in business for at least two years, have put yourself out there, tried a bunch of things, and you're pulling your hair out because things are not coming together.

  • "A Brand New Brand for a Brand New You"

    This is a comprehensive, individualized 6-month program with the following elements:


    We will meet twice a month for 60 minutes. The other weeks you will complete written, audio and video assignments that you share with me. You will receive unlimited email support in between sessions.


    You will receive fun and deep-digging assignments every week. This will make up a workbook you can come back over and over again when the going gets rough. We'll be diving into brand archetypes, revealing your mission, values, views, beliefs, life experiences, education and expertise, personality traits, quirks, tastes and preferences, vision, and clarifying your business and marketing plan for the next 12 months. At the end, everything will be condensed into 4 pages of tight copy you can use on your website, social media and email marketing. 


    My graphic designer will work with you to illustrate your new brand in fonts, colors, textures and patterns. She will design you a brand new logo, and give you templates for your business cards, social media posts and banners, email marketing and opt-in forms. We want your brand to show up consistently across all platforms.


    We'll get you ready for your photoshoot. Based on your brand archetype and "feel", you'll know what to wear, which settings to choose and what types of photos to take. All you'll need to do is find a branding photographer in your area.


    My website designer will use the copy and graphic design we came up with to create a beautiful and functional website for you. The package includes Home, About, Services, Testimonials, Blog, Contact page design and integration with your opt-in form. Additional website pages and membership site design available at an extra cost.


    I bring to the table over 10 years of study of mind-body techniques and energy work. You will learn some of the most advanced visualization, somatic and mind-reprograming techniques known to date that will condition you to stand in the power of the New Self we reveal for you. 


    In a hurry to get it together? Work on your copy and business strategy in half-day intensives.


    We can tackle your workbook in 4-hr chunks. Covering it all: brand archetypes, mission statement, vision, values, views, beliefs, life experiences, education and expertise, personality traits, quirks, tastes and preferences, business and marketing plan for the next 12 months. We'll come up with 4 pages of tight copy you can use on your website, social media and email marketing. 

  • My VIP session with Alina was like standing under a broad, generous sky and receiving a down-pouring of manna from heaven. I was amazed at the consistency of Alina’s presence throughout our four hours together. She showed up with her bright mind, her intuitive powers, her wisdom, and a heart-centered focus on me which never wavered. I felt both held and led — and I know I need both in order to move myself forward. I’ve struggled for quite some time to launch a coaching practice, yet I couldn't seem to get going. Something was missing, but I didn't know what it was or what to do about it. Alina’s distinctive approach to branding is the missing piece I’ve been searching for. After my VIP session with Alina the blocked, anxious energy inside me felt freed up. I could breathe into a spaciousness that felt bigger than my fears. I now see myself stepping into my work and my place in the world with ease and confidence. This is a tremendous gift to me. I thank my lucky stars that I found Alina, and that she found me!

    Stephanie Frykholm

  • I loved what Alina did with my website, amazing! Sounds silly, but I feel like an important person. It made me cry a little. I had never seen myself the way Alina did. I believed in myself and loved doing my work, but I could never completely picture myself as a credible professional. I'd always had a hard time creating a vision for my business, and I now know that was a form of fear and lack of experience. Seeing the website Alina made for me got me out of my mind and fully into my body and heart. So grateful.

    Nelly Caldeira