• The Ruler


    How did you get so lucky?

    The Ruler archetype is the second archetype of my brand and the one that inspires my sense of style, therefore it gets some extra air time and an extended page.

    I never thought my humble Magician and my upper class Ruler would ever make friends, but they have. I am very happy to share with you the qualities of this majestic archetype, because I want you to feel fully comfortable embodying it when others may disapprove of your ways. You have great power and ability to hold space, and your tribe needs you. 

    I have found that, when we know, understand and fully embody our primary and secondary archetypes, running our business becomes full of ease, magic and fun. We work with clients who understand, appreciate and value what we have to offer. They energize us and inspire us to give more and create more, which only serves to expand the quality of our products and services and grow your influence and impact. 



    Rulers come in many shapes and forms. You don't need to be extra rich or wear designer clothes and diamonds to be a Ruler. A Ruler is a leader, a visionary, a big thinker. Someone who sets high standards and leads by example. The more you discover the ways in which you empower all of those around you through your natural gifts, the more powerful and valued you will be.

  • How to Embody Your Ruler Brand Archetype



    In general:

    Know that you protect the world from chaos, your people need you! 

    Be strong in your leadership, don’t shy away from it 

    Be consistent, to give your tribe a sense of security and stability

    Inspire your tribe to believe that they can excel with the right strategies

    Prioritize quality over quantity

    Always be on time and display good manners

    Be well connected

    Associate your brand with other famous/ elite brands or personalities

    Belong to or create prestigious groups/ societies


    Your role:

    Create clear policies and procedures 

    Maintain a sense of order so your members feel safe and taken care of

    Be very clear that YOU make the rules and as long as they follow them they will succeed

    Show up in service, explain how maintaining order and clarity is in everyone’s best interest

    Lead by example, model what's possible

    Build a resource library of credible sources you can share with your tribe whenever needed - best products, best services, best events to attend


    In your communication:

    Be articulate, formal/ semi-formal/ professional

    Seek to be well informed

    Speak about your mission: you want to leave a legacy

    Post about your lifestyle as a way to inspire in your people what’s possible

    Post about how you hold yourself to high standards - your goal setting process, your daily practices, how you show up in your communication with others

    Speak about your loyalty and commitment to your dreams and ideas, and demand the same from your clients

    Talk about what makes you best at what you do: your achievements, your training, your life experiences

    Tell your hero’s journey focusing on where you started and where you are now, not so much on the in-between pain points

    Avoid expressing too much self-doubt and being self-deprecating, it can make your tribe feel fearful

    Talk about your weaknesses sparingly, this will make you believable and likable

    Don’t apologize for your success and wealth

    Take responsibility for your actions and your mistakes



    Some royal stuff...

    Have a touch of luxury in most of your offers

    Good titles to use for yourself: authority, expert, executive, director, CEO

    Good words to use on your site: join, select, reserve, premium, elite, association, earn, the top

    Include in your design: diamond, gems, metallic and gold accents, intricate patterns

    Use a lot of white space and minimalist design in your graphics - with subtle color schemes 

    Use power poses in your photos, and take them in beautiful locations 

    Wear luxury/ fancy/ sleek/ professional/ well put together clothes

    Invest in high-end, professional photography and graphics


    Your services:

    Have very clear systems in place that work consistently, give your people proven models to follow 

    Pay great attention to details, from your embarking process, to social media posts

    Price your products and services moderate to high

    Create an “inner circle” or exclusive community

    Value your time and limit people’s access to you unless they are part of your inner circle or high-end programs

    If possible, do not make free offers and do not run sales

    Set your business model to focus on scaling, growing your influence and impact, leaving a legacy, and accumulating the necessary financial abundance to suport that




    Take care of your needs in your personal relationships. Leaders are not always liked, and they can develop a tough exterior which can harden their heart. Nurture yourself with people who like and accept you when your leader hat is off.

    Choose your mentors wisely, it tends to be lonely at the top, and jealous people make poor mentors 

    Get used to jealousy, it comes naturally with the power and success you’ve worked so hard to build 

  • Your ideal clients

    • Are most likely Creators, Sages, Innocents, Magicians and Caregivers. Explorers and Outlaws may feel too confined in your presence, but may gravitate towards you because they lack what you have: structure
    • Are seeking someone with a bigger vision to help them think big and expand
    • Want to influence more people and feel in control
    • Want to invest in a product or service that will elevate their status 
    • Want to break through limiting beliefs and get rid of scarcity mindset
    • Want to bring more order into their lives or their business 
    • Feel uncertain and overwhelmed
    • Need to feel significant and special
    • Appreciate or want to acquire style/ good taste and want to be around someone who can inspire or teach/ create that in their lives or business
    • Need someone to model and look up to, someone who has extraordinary talent, vision and results they want
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