Master your MIND, master your EMOTIONS, master your ENERGY

  • It is a man's own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways.


  • If you feel stuck, if there's something you cannot let go of, if you've tried everything and nothing's worked, this class is for you

    Would you like to have more mental clarity? 
    Do you want to be able to consistently turn worry, anger or sadness into peace and calm? 
    Are your relationships confusing, painful or draining?

    Mental exhaustion and confusion, feelings of unease, anxiety, tension, stress and worry are all forms of fear, and are caused by being to much in the future. Guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, sadness and bitterness are forms of non-forgiveness, and are caused by living in the past. Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present. When we are mindful, we observe our thoughts and feelings from a distance, without judging them good or bad. Instead of letting our life pass us by, we can actively engage by living in the moment and awakening to our experience. The results that come from that are beyond our wildest imagination. 

    IMAGINE waking up every morning feeling refreshed, and feeling happy in your body
    IMAGINE knowing how to communicate with clarity and confidence
    IMAGINE being able to let go of old patterns of worry, frustration or depression



  • STEP 1: Ground - run earth energy and instantly relax your body and mind

    STEP 2: Center - bring your attention inwards and direct it wherever you want

    STEP 3: Connect - identify powerful centers in the body and receive insights by connecting to them 

    STEP 4: Release - eliminate energetic blocks, known and unknown

    STEP 5: Set boundaries - keep your energy space free of unwanted energies from others and full of those you do

  • What you'll learn

    The Amazing Benefits of This Class

    In this class, I will guide you through a series of powerful visualization and sensing exercises that will help you not only quiet your mind, but feel more in control in your life, more productive at work and in your relationships

    Here are some of the things you will learn in this class: 


    Increase your focus, productivity and efficiency.
    Manage stress, pain, anxiety and break habits.
    Feel more in charge and less anxious.
    Feel less crowded and confused.
    Experience fewer accidents, keep track of details.
    Communicate more clearly and confidently.
    Gain clarity about yourself, relationships, and events.
    Be less affected by those around you.
    Consciously create boundaries.
    Let go of the unwanted effects of people’s influences.
    Make more of your own energy available to you.
    Release the emotional charge on memories.
    Let go of social expectations that do not serve you.
    Think outside of the box. Redefine, recreate, reinvent. 

  • What Makes This Class Unique

    Alina combines over a decade of experience with a variety of mindfulness modalities. This is a unique class because of the following:


    We meditate for two 40-minute intervals with a small break in between. Being in meditative trance for this long allows you to fully anchor in your body a new state of being. I guide you through visualization and sensing exercises, during which you can ask questions if you wish.


    While in meditation, students can share their experiences and ask questions. You will learn by asking direct questions, or by listening to others. By doing this, you will learn to be mindful while actively engaging with your life outside of class.  


    After class, you will receive a class handout/ worksheet to take home and reflect on concepts we worked on in class that week. If you have any questions after class or later that week, you are entitled to a complimentary one-on-one 15-minute coaching session. 

  • How others have used group meditation

  • Alina has such a beautiful, grounding way of holding space. I love how she guides the meditations, and I particularly love how we can ask questions while in trance. Before taking this class, I used to meditate at home, and I either followed a guided meditation online, or just sat there for 20 minutes, trying to not attach to my thoughts, which never worked. With Alina I learned how to meditate by engaging my body, and how to work with my energy, which I never thought was possible! I now can meditate at home daily, and my meditations are so much more productive.


  • I used to be very resistant to meditation, since I thought it was not real. A friend of mine dragged me to Alina's class, and I was very surprised to find out that she taught how to look at life in a different way. I find her approach a cross between meditation, life coaching and energy work. If you haven't experienced her Zen Bodytherapy, you MUST! I am 49, fairly active, and I have not felt so light in my body in 20 years!


  • I love Alina's teachings. She is an amazing life coach and human being. Since I've been taking this class and coaching with Alina, my mind has been more clear, and my body so much more relaxed. I am more effective at work, and I don't worry so much about people's problems. I sleep better, too, since my mind is at ease at night. I also love knowing how to meditate now, it's not this big, mysterious thing!


  • Learning this kind of meditation from Alina has impacted my life tremendously, particularly my ability to function at work, and my intimate relationship. Alina touches upon so many different concepts in class, that she always sparks in me a new insight that I then take home to my life immediately. I feel much more in control of myself, and just overall in control of my life, which is unprecedented.


  • I loved this class. I used to have a lot of physical pain, and I never knew that it had to do so much with my attitude towards life. Alina opened a whole new world to me. I became interested in energy work, martial arts, yoga - all of which helped me heal my body faster than everything else I tried before. I now have a daily meditation practice, and I owe all of this to Alina. What a beautiful soul.


  • I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn how to direct their attention purposefully. It's amazing how distracted we are in this information age. Until we slow down to look, we have no idea what we're missing. Alina has a very practical way of teaching meditation, and her background in life coaching, spirituality and energy work is definitely a combo I have never experienced before. It greatly helped me move smoothly through a difficult divorce, and I am a much better parent now, as a result of it.


  • Not sure if this is the right class for you?

    Email us at info@alinamihai.com to discuss your goals and see if this is a fit for you