• The Magician


    How did you get so lucky?

    The Magician archetype is one that is very close to my heart. It is the archetype I have created the most content for because it is my FAVORITE and it is the primary archetype of my own brand. It is also the archetype under which most of my clients - coaches, healers and holistic practitioners - operate. If you have specific expertise that is hard to explain to a layperson, chances are you are a Magician.

    I have found that, when we know, understand and fully embody our primary archetype, running our business becomes full of ease, magic and fun. We work with clients who understand, appreciate and value what we have to offer. They energize us and inspire us to give more and create more, which only serves to expand the quality of our products and services and enable us to offer high-end experiences.



    Magicians come in many shapes and forms. You don't need to work with crystals, smudge your house or be psychic to be a magician. A Magician is an agent of transformation, a visionary, a change-maker. The more you discover the ways in which you create magic in the world, the more successful your business will be. 

  • How to Embody Your Magician Brand Archetype



    In general:

     Trust your intuition.

    Never buy into people’s stories of limitation and scarcity.

    Never say “I can’t”, always say “I choose to".

    Do what others call impossible.

    Talk less about how things are, and more about how they could be.

    Leave it to other brands to teach acceptance of the status quo.

    Surrender the results of your work to a higher power.


    Your role:

    Reveal what other people can't see, predict future trends.

    Encourage your clients to dream bigger and shift their perspective.

    Encourage people to pursue their dreams.

    Give them hope to achieve results that seem impossible.

    Reveal the gifts in past hurtful experiences.

    Connect them to their inner power or to a spiritual power.


    In your communication:

     Talk about alignment, spirituality, evolution, abundance, magic, synchronicities, miracles, the different levels of reality, manifestations, being magnetic, the law of attraction.

    Talk about changing physical realities by changing mental, emotional and spiritual ones.

    Encourage your tribe to embrace mystery by explaining that a world you can fully comprehend is a very small world.

    Tell stories of when you created something from nothing.

    Share how your intuition/ psychic skills helped change someone's life.

    Tell personal stories of transformation: how you came to notice and accept your power, how you were wounded, healed yourself and now heal others.


    Some magician stuff...

    Create special rituals to mark the beginning and end of a process.

    Use crystals, sacred geometry, abstract shapes, other-worldly or futuristic images, meditations, visualizations, affirmations, mantras.


    Your services:

     Hire a branding coach to clarify your message. Magicians are notoriously bad at defining their own services in language that is clearly understood.

    Create products and services that expand consciousness.

    Distinguish yourself as a catalyst for change, not a teacher of knowledge.

    Offer high end programs that involve a complex system.

    Offer transformative experiences, not incremental/ superficial improvement.

    Offer deep dives, high intensity immersive experiences.

    Price your products and services medium-high.

    Create group programs or support groups where clients can experience each other change.

    Choose unique names and looks for your products and services.

    Invent new methods.

    Keep some trade secrets, do not reveal your your entire system.

    Track the beginning and end of your work with clients. Show the before and after transformation.

    Use the New Years as an opportunity to run a promotion.



      Do healing around unworthiness and fear of misusing your power.

    Surround yourself with other Magicians. Skeptics and non-believers can easily get to you and unravel your magic when you are unsupported.

    Stay connected to your own vision and do not get swayed by the opinions or advice of others. Trust your inner knowingness.

    Constantly reassess the purity of your path. You have great power, use it wisely to create and contribute.

  • Your ideal clients

    • Are most likely Explorers, Creatives, Sages, Outlaws or other Magicians like you!
    • Want to break through limiting beliefs and materialize their vision
    • Want to transform their identity, their business, their body
    • Want to magnetize an ideal mate or ideal clients
    • Are looking for a sense of purpose to drive their life
    • Need clarity and re-connection to a sense of hope and faith in the future
    • Have tried traditional ways without success and are now looking for something "out of this world”
    • Need a charismatic leader to be inspired by, to follow, to believe in
    • Want to explore their spirituality or master the law of attraction 
    • Are going through a dark night of the soul or just came out of one
    • Had an out-of-body or spiritual experience and don't know how to integrate it into their day to day lives


  • A Brand-New BRAND for a Brand-New YOU

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