• The Lover

    "It's the way it makes me feel." 


    turned on


    To love and be loved. To experience deep intimacy and sensual pleasure.


    Make yourself desirable. Create emotional experiences. Build meaningful relationships. Inspire love.

  • FEAR

    Being alone, unwanted, unloved. Feeling invisible, unnoticed. Being stuck in a situation you are not passionate about. 


    • Passion
    • Love
    • Affection
    • Sensuality
    • Pleasure
    • Commitment
    • Devotion

    • Pleasing others at the expense of doing the right thing 
    • Bankruptcy, investing too much in expensive experiences and luxury objects
    • Dependency on external flattery and appreciation to feel important, valued, worthy
    • Obsession
    • Promiscuity
    • Losing your own identity
    • Jealousy and addiction




    "Do it with passion or not at all."

  • Your ideal clients

    • Long to connect on a deeper level and enjoy intimacy 
    • Want to bring more beauty into their lives
    • Want to let go of their intellect and live more from their hearts and in their bodies
    • Want to get in touch with their emotions
    • Want to rediscover their sexuality 
    • May have a history of body shame, sexual abuse or disfunction
  • How to embody your brand

    *The energy that your brand exudes can range from platonic warm love to highly charged sexual energy

    • Be warm and welcoming
    • Acknowledge and understand your clients on a deep level
    • Speak from the heart 
    • Profess your love
    • Share your passions
    • Show your inner and outer beauty
    • Focus on relationships
    • Help people feel better and connect with each other
    • Help them appreciate the beauty in life
    • Help them connect to their heart's passions
    • Help them acknowledge and indulge in their desires
    • Help them have a good time
    • Post/ re-post heart-centered messages and stories
    • Teach your tribe how love can open us up to so many things and experiences
    • Talk about pleasure as a vehicle to being embodied and getting present
    • Create a freewheeling, fun-loving community structure
    • Create experiences that build relationships and long-lasting memories
    • Create experiences of decadence, luxury, that appeal to all of the senses and evoke strong positive emotions
    • Price your services moderate to high




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