• The Explorer

    "Let me be free." 





    To experience freedom and a more authentic and fulfilling life.


    Escape entrapment and boredom. Set your own agenda. Explore new things. Discover the road less travelled. 


    Feeling trapped. Conforming. Inner emptiness.


    • Individuality
    • Freedom
    • Authenticity
    • Enthusiasm
    • Courage
    • Curiosity
    • Growth

    • Aimless wondering
    • Constant dissatisfaction and restlessness
    • Addiction to thrills and adventure
    • Alienation from tribe
    • Unable to commit


    "The sky is the limit."

  • Your ideal clients

    • Long for excitement and adventure or to find out who they are through exploring the world
    • Want to experience a better, more authentic, more fulfilling life
    • Are looking for a new sense of identity, an authentic way to express and be themselves
    • Desire self-sufficiency or are simply looking for a place to call home
    • Young people looking to define themselves and find their voice
    • People who feel stuck in marriages, jobs, oppressive regimes, old patterns 
    • People born and raised in collectivistic cultures that do not encourage individuality
    • People looking to start their own business or become a pioneer in their field
  • How to embody your brand

    • Be open-minded and resourceful
    • Travel often and share your journeys
    • Show your tribe and potential clients how your life is unconventional
    • Inspire and teach new ways of thinking
    • Help people express their individuality
    • Help people discover parts of themselves they didn't know existed
    • Present novel solutions to outstanding problems
    • Create new or exciting products and experiences
    • Help people embrace uncertainty 
    • Share your personal story living outside the comfort zone/ leaving home/ leaving marriages/ seeking the promised land - the struggles, the benefits and how your life changed as a result
    • Use the word "journey". A LOT.
    • Be authentic and real
    • Wear sturdy clothing that gives you room to move
    • Pictures to use on social media posts: big, open skies, an open road, nature, mountains, the night sky




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