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  • Deneen came to us with the desire to create a clear brand that was aligned with her true essence. She wanted a clear and compelling message that spoke to the beauty of being empowered, which would attract her soul clients.

    Her what-do-you-do statement was "I'm a Soul Medium, on a quest to teach the planet how to partner with emotional pain to arrive at the greatest soul healing using Native American inspired soul practices."

    Deneen wanted a full makeover of her website and social media presence.  

    You can see her old website HERE

  • We worked with Deneen to discover her soul-align niche and create clear and magnetic messaging. We discovered that life had prepared Deneen to best serve performing artist who had lost their sense of self due to their careers, which reinforced the Man/ Woman behind the mask.

    Deneen's what-do-you-do statement became "I help successful performing artists  be known and loved for who they really are".

    Deneen's top brand archetypes were Magician, Hero and Creator. Through her brand, Deneen naturally made her clients feel empowered, intrigued, enlightened, determined, free and expansive. 

    We described Deneen's brand as ancient, authentic, innovative, creative, elegant, gentle and deep.

    We described her brand voice as empowering, inspiring, thought-provoking and funny. 

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  • It feels like the universe and divine took the lid off of everything good and it's been amazing!! One new client, my private retreat just opened on the 2nd. And I'm planning 2 retreats for June and Aug on top of moving earlier than anticipated Jan now. And having a car custom made for me, whew!!! Yep it's happening!


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