• The Caregiver

    "Love your neighbor as yourself." 


    cared for


    To care for, protect and nurture others.


    Help others. Show compassion. Be of service. Always available when needed. Focus on others, not yourself. Love and forgive. 

  • FEAR

    Being perceived as selfish and ungrateful. That something bad could happen to a loved one. Instability and chaos in their community.


    • Kindness
    • Compassion
    • Tenderness
    • Dedication
    • Altruism
    • Empathy
    • Support
    • Generosity
    • Understanding
    • Service

    • Martyrdom
    • Difficulty saying "No"
    • Burnout
    • Enabling bad behavior
    • Suffocating others with their care
    • Dependency 


    "Be good to people for no reason."

  • Ideal clients

    • Need a soft and safe place to land
    • Want to be taken care of
    • Need stability and comfort
    • Are looking for connection and a sense of belong
    • Prefer a coach/ healer who is gentle and kind
    • Possible history of abuse 
    • Physically disabled or ill
    • Caregivers themselves who are looking for support and mentorship to create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle
    • Families that need support
    • Innocent archetypes who are looking for a mentor to help create a safe and happy community 
  • How to embody your brand

    • Be considerate, thoughtful, kind, generous, patient
    • Hold space for people's problems, pains and needs
    • Lend a hand, a ear, a shoulder
    • Listen deeply
    • Provide comfort and stability
    • Create a community
    • Be responsive, consistent and trustworthy 
    • Be an oasis of comfort in a bustling world
    • Show devotion to your tribe
    • Help your people learn and grow; accept them unconditionally 
    • Forgive quickly
    • Show affection
    • Post heart-felt messages and stories
    • Talk about the importance of heart-based living
    • Talk about the importance of relationships for our physical and emotional health
    • Show your compassion for those less fortunate or less resilient
    • Volunteer, donate
    • Talk about the causes you are passionate about
    • Talk about the complexity of being a caregiver, show your awareness of the pitfalls and model a healthy way to care and serve
    • Show your care through small gestures such as sending hand-written "thank you" cards or small birthday gifts in the mail 
    • Build personal relationships where you are on the receiving end of caring, protection and security to avoid burnout
    • Learn to say "No" to personal relationships and activities that drain you
    • Take care of yourself financially, dare charge adequately for your services




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