• "A Brand New Brand"

    All you need to start attracting your ideal clients!

  • A 3-month Branding Experience

    “A Brand New Brand” is a 3-month program that focuses on your business personality and messaging, and leaves you with clear copy to use on your website, in your social media and email marketing. We draw out the deepest truth of who you are as a brand and turn it into messaging that connects powerfully with your ideal client and has them eager to invest in working with you.

  • This if for you if...

    You have many skills.

    You have a lot of passion for your work.

    You feel a strong calling to build a soul-driven business.



    You have not worked with many clients because your niche is not clear.

    You don't know what to focus on, so many choices!

    Your marketing is not working and you don't know what else to do.


  • "A Brand New Brand" Program Elements


    We meet for 60-minutes weekly, and every session is highly individualized. In between sessions you complete written, audio and video assignments that you share with me. I review everything you work on in between sessions and help you with copywriting.


    You receive fun and deep-digging assignments every week. This makes up a 50-page workbook you can come back to over and over again when you need clarity and a boost of confidence. We dive into brand archetypes, reveal your mission, values, views, beliefs, life experiences, education and expertise, personality traits, quirks, tastes and preferences, vision, and clarify your business and marketing plan for the next 12 months. At the end, everything is condensed into 4 pages of tight copy you can use on your website, social media and email marketing.


    My graphic designer will work with you to create a Moodboard that acts as a visual inspiration for your brand. You can take this to any graphic and web designer anytime, and they will be able to create additional visual elements that fit your brand. Your graphic design packages also includes social media and email templates you can use to streamline your online presence without the needs for a website, if you don't have one. 


    After we design your visuals, we get you ready for your brand photoshoot. Based on your brand archetype and "feel" of your brand, you'll know what to wear, which settings to choose and what types of photos to take. All you need to do is find a branding photographer in your area.


    My tech wiz and online community manager will help you set up or upgrade your systems and social media accounts, so you can start building a powerful online presence and start nurturing ideal clients the minute they become aware you exist.

  • You'll walk out with

    CLARITY around your divine right client, the problems you solve, the solutions you offer, most effective marketing strategy for your business, social media and email marketing content, and a solid business plan to implement for the next year that fits your lifestyle

    CONFIDENCE in talking about what you do online and offline, and in charging your worth - way more worth than you now think you have!

    STYLE through on-brand social media posts and emails, and a personal image that matches your top brand archetypes

  • A one-time investment for a lifetime of clarity!


  • "Before working with Alina, I was too stiff and too canned. I had a feeling that I needed to work on my personal brand, but I had no idea that it would be so in-depth, and that it would change my outlook on my whole life! I thought I had to hide my doubts, insecurities, and failures and act like an infallible wonder woman to get clients. Was I wrong! I learned that I needed to lean in to my emotions and vulnerabilities to truly connect with potential clients because we're all imperfect human beings! And now I can not only show that side of me, but take pride in that side of me, to genuinely inspire trust and confidence in my audience."

    Claire Jones

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